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Master´s degree guide for thesis writing

1.4 Parties and responsibilities

Thesis is to be written by each student individually. During the writing process students are supported by the thesis supervisor and the working life representative. The principal lecturer of the degree programme assigns at least one supervisor for each thesis. The organization or the community that has commissioned the thesis assigns their contact person.

The student

  • studies the instructions provided in the thesis writing guide
  • finds a topic for the thesis and has the topic approved
  • in case of a commissioned thesis, signs an agreement with Centria University of Applied Sciences and the commissioning party (appendix 4)
  • formulates a plan for writing the thesis
  • contacts regularly both the thesis supervisor as well as the working life representative
  • participates in thesis seminars
  • discusses the progress of the thesis as well as possible changes with the supervisor and the working life mentor
  • reports the work in accordance with the reporting guidelines and instructions (Centria UAS thesis writing guide)
  • presents the thesis in seminars
  • takes a maturity test, i.e. writes a media release
  • asks the working life representative for a feedback statement if necessary (appendix 2)
  • evaluates one’s own performance in the thesis process (appendix 3)
  • takes care of checking the thesis for plagiarism with URKUND programme and
  • uploads the completed thesis in Theseus

The thesis supervisor

  • approves the thesis topic, considering also the view point of thesis publicity
  • in case of a commissioned thesis, signs an agreement with the student and the commissioning party (appendix 4)
  • ensures that the topic of the thesis as well as the thesis objectives comply with the criteria set for a thesis in the professional field in question
  • informs the student and the commissioning party on the practices in case the background data of the thesis includes confidential information
  • directs the learning process, assists in any problems and guides the ethical decisions taken at any stage of the work
  • ensures that the seminars are arranged in accordance with the seminar practices
  • collates all the material related to the thesis evaluation (appendix 2 Thesis supervisor feedback and appendix 6 Maturity test i.e. the press release)
  • approves the final version and grades it
  • sees to it that the thesis is uploaded to Theseus database or that a bound copy is delivered to the degree programme in question and
  • in case the student has given the right to the digital data, the supervisor receives it when the student submits the archive copy of the thesis.

The representative of the client / commissioning party

  • signs the agreement on the commissioned thesis with the thesis supervisor and the student (appendix 4)
  • works with the student to define the thesis objectives
  • ensures that the opportunities to successfully complete the thesis exist in the organization or community commissioning the thesis and
  • prepares a written feedback statement on the thesis (appendix 2).

Library and information services

  • save the bibliographical information of the thesis as well as the thesis key words describing the contents
  • see to that the version uploaded to Theseus is generally acceptable (please see Instructions for Theseus database).