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Master´s degree guide for thesis writing

1.5 Publicity of a thesis

Thesis is a part of a Master’s degree and thus it has to be freely available for assessment. From the moment a thesis is completed and accepted it is a public document. This is not a matter of agreement. Publicity guarantees that theses are fairly and objectively assessed.

Certain type of content such as trade secrets of a business can exceptionally lead to making parts of the thesis confidential. In such a case the thesis has to be written so that that the confidential information is presented in a separate background material that can be used by the business that has commissioned the thesis. Using and storing background material must be agreed on separately in the thesis agreement (appendix 4). The thesis supervisor is obliged to keep the confidential information secret.

All the bibliographical information as well as the key words of the theses of Centria University of Applied Sciences are saved. Students are required to deliver a printed thesis to the library as well as to save the thesis in pdf-format in the Theseus database (