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Master´s degree guide for thesis writing

2.3 Thesis plan

A thesis plan is drawn up using the provided Word template. The following presents general guidelines for the thesis plan. However, different degree programmes may have different practices.

  • Contents
    • preliminary table of contents of the thesis report
  • Introduction
    • Justifying the choice of the topic: topicality, links to a broader context, the author’s motives
    • Presenting the development task that the thesis focuses on as well as its links to the field in question and to developing the labour market
    • Presenting the working life contact and cooperative parties
    • Presenting the focal concepts used in the thesis
  • Objects and topic definition
    • Presenting as accurately as possible the objectives of the thesis as well as the definition of the topic
    • Research questions and data acquisition methods: stating the questions that the author needs to answer to find a solution to the developmental task
    • Describing the methods of collecting and analyzing the data
  • Theoretical framework relevant for finding a solution to the development task and to the professional field in question
    • Presenting the theoretical framework in which previous studies, theses and other literature related to the topic are described and discussed and
    • Proportioning the theoretical data to one’s own topic.
  • Desired outcome
    • Presenting the desired outcome and reporting on the outcome.

Students have their thesis plan approved by their supervisor.