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Master´s degree guide for thesis writing

3.3 Maturity test – writing a media release

A part of the thesis process is taking a compulsory maturity test. According to the Act on University of Applied Sciences (352/2003) §10 ‘as part of the university of applied sciences degree the student must take a maturity test in the field of their thesis showing acquaintance with the field and skill in Finnish or Swedish language’. The University of Applied Sciences will decide on the maturity test when the student is not required the language skill mentioned in §8, paragraph 1.

The maturity test consists of writing a media release on the thesis work. The maturity test is taken after the thesis report has been submitted for assessment. The media release must have general language, it must be interesting and professional in style.

The student should imagine that the release will be read by a journalist. The release must answer the questions: what, where, when, how, why and who. The release must be short; recommended length is one page only. In the release the most important topic comes first and the supporting information in the end. The main topics of the release are in the headline and the introductory paragraph. The headline introduces the core topic in a concise and interesting way. The headline is followed by an introductory paragraph which is the first one of the supporting paragraphs introducing the main content of the release. The following paragraphs complement, give reasons and elaborate on the topic. The release finishes with ‘Further information’ which introduces the person / body who can give further information on the topic. Please see appendix 5 for more information on how to write the media release.

Once the maturity test is passed, the student has the right to use the media release for their own purposes. Centria University of Applied Sciences also has the right to use the release.

The maturity test is written using the media release template (please see appendix 6).