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Guide for thesis and academic writing


The thesis indicates a student’s expertise in understanding, applying and producing professional results in their own field. At its best the thesis is a bridge between studies and working life.

This guide gives information following the general principles for thesis written in national working groups in 2005-2006. The guide can be applied in all degree programmes in Centria University of Applied Sciences. In addition, each field also has their own practices that will be explained in thesis seminars in more detail.

This guide is produced by the following members of Centria staff: Hanna-Riina Aho, Marko Forsell, Annukka Kukkola, Irja Leppisaari, Reetta Leppälä, Ulla Orjala, Janne Peltoniemi, Kirsti Rasehorn, Timo Taari, Maarit Tammisto, Tuija Tolonen-Kytölä, and Eija Torkinlampi.

On behalf of the working group
Marko Forsell