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Master´s degree guide for thesis writing


The role of a thesis in the Finnish higher education system is to act as a significant proof of knowledge, skill and know-how. When writing the thesis for the Master´s degree the student proves their ability to recognize and outline an important theme of research in their own field. The student has to show that they know the theoretical comcepts and proves to be able to apply these concepts to the research subject. In addition, in the thesis the student proves that they can master research methods and processes and that they can produce scientific expository text.

This guide concentrates on the special issues of the thesis in the Master´s degree programmes. The guide is complementary to Centria´s general guide for thesis writing, and is based on a guide for the Master´s degree programmes at Central Ostrobothnia University of Applied Sciences (former name of centria UAS). The guide has been updated by the persons responsible for the Master´s degree programmes. The team included Katarina Broman, Marko Forsell, Annukka Kukkola and Tuija Tolonen-Kytölä.

Kokkola 21 March 2017


Katarina Broman
Marko Forsell
Annukka Kukkola
Tuija Tolonen-Kytölä