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Information Retrieval Guide

Information Retrieval Guide

Welcome to Information Retrieval Guide by Centria Library!

From this guide you will find help to all information retrieval.
The guide presents the different stages of the information retrieval process and its purpose is to pilot you successfully through the process towards the desired final result.
You can make use of the guide in independent information retrieval, making a dissertation as well as a study or learning task.

​Centria library offers its students a comprehensive physical collection and  plenty of different e-materials to support information retrieval.
In Centria-Finna you can browse the collections of the library and can do for instance reservations.

From the e-material guide you will find, among others, search services and databases, which can help you to find references and whole
articles from separate subjects, and portals, standards, reference books and dictionaries.
Furthermore, there are domestic and international e-book services which offer a wide selection of e-books of different fields into your use.

Finna and Centria-Finna

The collection of Finnish archives, libraries and museums at your fingertips. is a search service that provides information from Finnish archives, libraries and museums. Content providers have their own Finna Websites in addition to this national search service.

Centria-Finna is Centria Library's online catalog. In Centria-Finna you can find information about the availability of the books in library's collections, and links to Open Access e-books as well. You can renew your loans and make requests to borrowed items.

Does Information Retrieval give you a big headache?

If the information retrieval goes against your will and your brain feels foggy, 
Illustrationyou can ask for one-to-one guidance from our information specialists in Kokkola or Ylivieska.

The guidance sessions are designed on your own wishes and needs. Usually the guidance session takes about an hour.

When taking contact, please provide the subject of your thesis and your other possible expectations on the guidance session.

Book an information specialist by clicking here!