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Information seeking guide for the students of Industrial Management



SFS-Online provides  
a collection of SFS and ISO standards. There are publications in English and in Finnish. You can search standards by its number or by the key word.

Finnish law

FINLEX is an online database of up-to-date legislative and other judicial information of Finland.
Finlex is owned by Finland's Ministry of Justice. Most of the databases are only available in Finnish and Swedish. Some translations of Finnish acts and decrees are also available in English and other languages. Case-Law in legal literature database is also available in English.

Interlibrary loans

If the item you are looking for is not included in the collections of your own library, it can be ordered from other libraries as an inter-library loan. You can also request articles as inter-library service. The articles are usually delivered as photocopies.

Be sure to check the availability of the item in your local city library:
Kokkola city library
Ylivieska city library

Inter-library loans follow the rules and instructions of the sending library. Remember that you are also obliged to pay the interlibrary loan service price according to library's price list.

To place a request, fill out the form here: Inter-library loan request

Contact our inter-library loans service:


  • Taru Fröjdholm, tel. 040 808 6618 or 040 808 5102
    send e-mail


  • Hannele Myntti, tel. 044 449 2611 or 040 729 9913
    send e-mail