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Information seeking guide for students of nursing

Journal articles

Nursing researches are published mostly in journals. The most common types of articles are original researches,
reviews or systematic reviews. It is important to follow professional journals to maintain Illustrationyour professional skills.

Articles can be found both in paper and electronic format. In Centria Library there are some subscribed paper journals, which can be borrowed, but most of them are published online and can be browsed and searched via databases.

The most recent research data is published in journal articles. You can identify a scientific journal by the fact that there are only a few pictures and advertisements in journal. The articles begin with abstracts and there is a reference list in the end of the article. The language of an article is based on concepts. There may be also other than original research reports published in journals, e.g. editorials and literature reviews. Research articles are published mostly in peer reviewed journals, although research articles can be found also in professional journals.

Centria Library offers hundreds of nursing journals online. You can search, browse and access them via databases, which are described below.

Academic Search Elite & CINAHL


Academic Search Elite is a multi-discipline search portal for electronic journals. In ASE there are more than 2000 full text journals, most of them are peer reviewed.

You can search for articles which are available to you as full text articles by limiting the search with the "Limit to full text" button.

Cinahl  is an international database for nursing journals with 70 full text journals. Use the "Full text" button to find the articles which are available to you.

See guidance video

SAGE Premier


Sage Journals   is a collection of 600 journals, beginning from 1999. Main topics are education, cultural studies, medicine and health professions, psychology and sociology.

Science Direct


Science Direct  contains journals mostly in natural sciences and medicine. You can limit your search by discipline, e.g. Nursing and Health Professions.

Science Direct Tutorials


DOAJ - Directory of Open Access Journals is an online directory that indexes and provides access to high quality, open access research journals, periodicals and their articles' metadata. The Directory aims to be comprehensive and cover all open access scientific and scholarly journals that use an appropriate quality control system and is not limited to particular languages or subject areas. All data is freely available.

How to search in DOAJ