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Information Seeking Guide for Students of Nursing


Google Web Search

Google can be used in information retrieval. Google is a good instrument in quick information retrieval, in checking matters and in everyday information searching and when you want to get the idea of some new matter to you. Do not leave information retrieval on the Google or merely on other search engines. It is good to keep in mind the source criticism in Google search.

You can use also Google Scholar, which searches for scientific material.

Social and welfare associations in Finland

Social and welfare associations and organisations in Finland publish online expert information, research reports, reviews and open access journals.

A-Clinic Foundation


Cancer Society of Finland

Current Care Guidelines

FAIDD The Finnish Association on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

Finnish Association for Mental Health

Finnish Central Association for Mental Health                                                    Illustration

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

Kela The Social Insurance Institution of Finland

Likes Research Center for Sport and Health Sciences

Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

National Institute for Health and Welfare

UKK Institute