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Information seeking guide for Information Technology

Other useful databases and websites

 Bielefeld Academic Search Engine is a search engine for academic open access web resources. Search tips for Base

 Espacenet offers access to patent documents, information about inventions and technical developments from 1836 to today. Espacenet assistant

 PSK Standardising  compiles standards that are required for the investments and maintenance of industrial mills and plants. PSK closely co-operates with the Finnish Standards Association SFS, which is the channel for publishing national SFS standards.

 SFS-Online  provides a collection of SFS and ISO standards. There are publications in English and in Finnish. Start and click ONLINE and "Open Contract", after that You are able to search certain standards.

 TEPA is a term bank compiled and maintained by the Finnish Terminology Centre TSK(Sanastokeskus TSK). It contains special language terms and their definitions which are displayed as multilingual terminological entries.