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Information seeking guide for Chemistry and Technology

Types of Articles

Scientific Publication

In many fields, scientific studies are published in scientific publications and journals. Research results are reported not only in various reports, but often also as articles in journals. This is because the process of publishing an article is faster than, say, a book. Scientific journals are published in both print and electronic versions. Electronic journals are often subject to a fee and can be accessed, for example, on educational institutions network for free. Recently, the open publication and availability of information is emphasized, and more so-called open access publications are available. Efforts for free readability of studies and articles are also being promoted in Finland. Read more about the Open Science and Research Initiative.

Defining a scientific article or publication can sometimes be tricky. It is often defined that a scientific publication should contain new information, be verifiable, it must be made available to scientists interested in language appropriate to the scientific community and the publication must go through some sort of evaluation procedure. This definition is well suited to peer-reviewed scientific publications.

The latest research data is published in scientific journals. The scientific journal differs from professional journal or general magazine, among other things, in that the layout of the publication is more reduced and contains little illustration and advertisement. There is often an abstraction (abstract) at the beginning of the article and a list of source at the end. The langauage of the scholarly articles differs from the common language in that it follows the concept of each discipline. Things are aimed at expressing as neutrally as possible without allowing the author's own voice to be brought up. If the industry's termism is odd to the reader, the reading can seem heavy-handed and the text difficult to interpret. In the scientific text, thing are justified not only by reporting the results of the research, but also by referring to previous studies, which can be accessed by means of a source list. Accepted scientific methods such as good research layout and qualitative or quantitative research extract have been used in research. Concepts and defining are an integral part of scientific language and at the same time demonstrate that the scholar mastered the concept of his field. The author's university, college of research institute is also mentioned in a scientific publication.

Journal articles published in scientific publications may be, for example, studies of origin (original research), review articles (review) or literary reviews (systematic review). Scientific journals also contain non-research articles, e.g. editorials and literary reviews, but mainly articles are based on research knowledge. Journals that have undergone scientific peer review, as a rule, publish research articles. In multiple databases, searches can be limited to peer-reviewed journals only.

Sometimes getting a physical article for one's own need is hard. FineLib's article opens up various possibilities to acquire a scientific article for itself. FineLib is a consortium of Finnish colleges, research institutes and public libraries whose mission is to secure and improve access to electronic materials. 


Professional Journal Article

Some research and review articles are also published in professional journals. These often detail the latest research findings or innovations. The text has been facilitated, but the terminology of the field may be used. The text contains references to sources so that the reader can access the original study if they wish. this will ensure that professionals in the field are informed about the latest development in their field.

Following of the professional journals already during the study period is important for the development of your own professional skills. In professional journals, you can find practical information on current affairs in various fields. You learn from a magazine in your field to identify actors or opinion makers throuhg various personal interviews. The journals also find out the various trends in their industry and its current talking points. Professional journals often refer to the information gained in development projects and display the results of scientific research. Students benefit from professional journals because a specialist has already evaluated the information published in the journal.


General-minded Article

A scientific article can also be written in a general-purpose language. That's when you talk about popularizing science. Any magazine or newspaper aimed to the general public is chosen as the channel of publication, and the manner of expression is changed so that even the ordinary reader can internalize the issue and special terms are avoided. As examples that shed the light on the study, common, well known cases are used to spark the reader's interest.

The author of a general-minded article is usually a journalist or expert in the field, referring to the research done as if translating it into a language that is possible for all readers to understand. Popular publicity causes people to pay attention to research while at the same time directing additional information needs to more specific sources of information. Making science more general-minded is also the commercialization of science, because you need to get readers interested in the issue amid all the information on offer. 


Commercial Article

The commercial article is an advertisement. When you study a commercial article, you usually find the logo of the company or some other ID from the article. The point of advertising is always to sell some product or image to a large mass. A commercial article can seem like a bulletin because it usually tends to make the thing advertised familiar one way or another. In magazines, commercial articles are often written in the same style as the journal's other editorial material. Advertisements rarely have source references or referenced studies are often positive things related to the company's industry. The hallmarks of a commercial article apply on websites as well.


This text is a translation of the Finnish version.



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