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Good to know

In case of any questions or need for guidance, don't hesitate to contact the library (see "Libraries" on the front side)!

Make also acquaintance of our field-specific guides for information seeking.

Inter-library loans

If the item you are looking for is not included in the collections of your own library, it can be ordered from other libraries as an inter-library loan. An inter-library loan ordered from any Finnish library is free of charge for the students of Centria UAS.

First check the availability of the item in your own library:


Kokkola City Library

Ylivieska City Library

You can also request article copies as inter-library service. Articles from Finnish libraries are free of charge as well.

Inter-library loans follow the rules and instructions of the sending library.

Inter-library loan request

Please notice, library does not order inter-library loans on materials which are on Centria Library collections.

Information seeking workshops

You can ask for one-to-one guidance performed by our information specialists. We will help you to find material - published in paper format or online - and to evaluate their applicability for your thesis. We will show you how to use online search engines and portals. Your skills in information literacy will be refreshed as well.

The guidance sessions are designed on your own wishes and needs. Usually the guidance session takes about an hour.

When taking contact, please provide the subject of your thesis and your other possible expectations on the guidance session.


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