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Publisher's Guide

UAS Publication Series

Centria University of Applied Sciences has four publication series:

  • Centria. Tutkimuksia (ISSN 2342-9321)
  • Centria. Raportteja ja selvityksiä (ISSN 2342-933X)
  • Centria. Oppimateriaaleja (ISSN 2342-9348)
  • Centria. Puheenvuoroja (ISSN 2342-9356)

Tutkimuksia is a series of studies that meet the requirements of scientific research.

Raportteja ja selvityksiä -series will publish project reports, as well as other surveys and reports.

Oppimateriaaleja-series is intended for the publication of educational materials used in polytechnic education.

Puheenvuoroja-series will publish topical writings and articles, for example, in relation to the University of Applied Sciences and its activities.

For each release, it is judged which series it best sits on in content.

Writings published in publication series should be of high quality content - not all text produced at the University of Applied Sciences ends up in publication series, but can be implemented in the form of a pamphlet or guide, for example. Centria UAS also publishes an online journal, Centria Bulletin, where expert articles can be published.

The publication decision in the publication series is made at the request of the publisher by staff of marketing and communications services and library and information services.

The size of publication is always B5, both in paper and electronic form. Not all publications need to be printed. However, there should be reckon with the cost of folding work in an online publication.

Writers role

As an author or editor of a publication, you are responsible for the content and spelling of the publication, as well as any illustration. Please note that the publication of all images must be authorised.

Please contact marketing and communications services two months prior to the desired release date if the publication must be ready at a specific date. Often, publications are completed faster, but the completion of publications is influenced by the content of publications and the working situation.

When the script is complete, send it to the person you have agreed to publish with. It should be agreed  whether to make a print or online publication, go through the content of the publication, refine the timetable, discuss the cost and potential pricing, the print run, and agree further action.

Please note that at the time when folding work begins, no further changes can be made to the publication!

If the publication is sold, the author/editor will personally take care of its submission to the Centria Library in Kokkola. The library takes care of sales and distribution, but marketing is the responsibility of the author or project. E-publications are published in the UAS Publications Archive in Theseus ( > Centria University of Applied Sciences). The author/editor delivers the online publication as an electronic to the library.

The author of the paper is obliged to store the data of his publication in the publication data collection system for the purposes of UAS publication data collection.

Publishing Process

It is necessary to prepare for the cost of publication at the UAS at the stage when the publication is planned. Clearing costs is the responsibility of the author, as the UAS does not have separate funding for publishing. The cost of layout work must also be taken into account in the case of an online publication.

Once the financing of the publication is verified, the author contacts the communications and information services manager about the conclusion of the publication. In this case, the content, print run and schedule of the publication will be agreed.

If a complete manuscript is proofread and otherwise revised, it usually takes about a month to get a ready-to-print publication. If the layout work of the publication includes proofreading or the publication contains a lot of images, it takes more time.

If you have an absolute deadline in which case the ready-to-print release should be ready, please contact two months before the deadline. This allows you not to worry about whether the publication will be ready on time.

Please note that if the material requires a lot of processing, the layout editors workload (=cost of publication) will increase. So it is in everyone's interest to try to provide as finalised material as possible. Changes to the content after leaving the script also add to the cost.

If you are editor of a publication with a number of different authors, you are also responsible for the content of the publication for all the texts.