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Guide for new students

Service rules

Service rules (from 1.8.2019 onwards)

Centria University of Applied Sciences Library is open for every user. The use of the library collection and borrowing are free of charge. Some services may be restricted only to the students and personnel of Centria UAS. Customers of the library have to follow library rules and e-materials licensing clauses.

A Centria Library card is needed when borrowing library material. The library card can be obtained by filling an application and presenting ID card or passport to prove identity.

The library card is personal and the owner is responsible for the card and the material borrowed with it. It is also the owners’ responsibility to change the default PIN-code of the card to a personal one. If the card is lost, the owner of the card must inform the library as soon as possible. Changes of the address or name have to be reported to the library and the change of the e-mail address as well.

The loan period is 28 days. The exact due date can be seen in the due date slip received when charging the items and online in personal Centria-Finna account. ( Loans can be renewed 20 times if there are no reservations. Items on loan can be reserved. Reserved material is self-service pickable.

If the reserved material is not picked up, the customer gets fees by the price list.

The borrower is responsible to follow the due date given by the library. The library sends overdue notices on overdue items. Overdue fines must be paid for overdue loans (see the price list). The notices will be sent by e-mail at the borrower's request. It is a borrower's obligation to ensure the right e-mail address in library's register.

The borrower is obliged to replace any checked-out item that is damaged or lost according to the value of publication or by acquiring a similar copy to replace the item. The borrowing rights will be restricted if the customer does not observe the library rules.

Each Centria Library unit supplies items from collections of other Centria Library units.

Material which can't be found in Centria Library or in other local libraries can be made available as inter-library loans or copies, following the rules and instructions of the sending library. Inter-library loans are free of charge for the students of Centria UAS degree programmes.

Price list

Overdue fine

  • 0,20 € / day / item
  • at most 10,00 € / item
  • debt limit 10,00 € = leads to a withdrawal of the right to borrow until the debt is paid
  • 1,00 € for reserved item that is not fetched

You can pay the fines at the library or via web payment when logged in to your profile.
The minimum amount to pay via web payment is 2€.

Inter-library loans (loans delivered from other than Centria Library units)

For the students of Centria UAS and University Consortium Chydenius:

  • free of charge
  • 5,00 € for item that is not fetched