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Student's Guide

Welcome to Centria-Library!

Centria Library is open to all users with printed materials available for everyone to use. There is also a wide selection of domestic and international databases, search portals and electronic books and journals. These licensed services are restricted to the use of students and staff of Centria UAS.

We have libraries in both campuses in Kokkola and in Ylivieska.

You'll need to have a library card to borrow printed books from the library. You can create a library card in Tuudo app.

You can also request a card from the customer service of the library.

As a customer of the library you also have to agree to follow the library rules when receiving the card.

For more information visit our web page at: Centria-Finna

Library services

Centria Library offers vocational and scientific literature to support studying. The databases and electronic materials are available both in the Centria network and via remote use.

You can access our collections at Centria-Finna.

We also offer inter-library loan services.

You can ask for help in all the matters which are related to the information retrieval.

We also give personal guidance in the use of databases especially for thesis writers.



Centria-Finna is Centria Library's online catalog. In Centria-Finna you can

  • find information about the availability of the books in library's collections
  • find links to Open Access e-books
  • renew your loans 
  • make requests to borrowed items

Login to the service with either your Haka ID or your library card number. HAKA ID (Centria email address) gives access to all the services and you can read licensed e-resources. 

When logging in with a library card, you can make reservations, new your own loans, and store references in your own account.

When logging in with the Haka ID, be sure to attach the library card to your account at the first time. Instructions here!