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RefWorks guide


You can create separate partitions called projects for a Refworks account if you wish. For example, if there are several research projects going at the same time, one project may be one of these research projects, etc. You can create your own references and source list for each project as presented by this guide.

You can start working at RefWorks by giving your project a name. Click Untitled Project > Manage projects on the top bar at RefWorks. You can now name a project using Actions > Rename. You will be able to create new projects from the Create a new Project button. If you are working on more projects at the same time, you should be careful about which project you are on.

Projects can also be shared among other researchers, which is convenient when all references and source list are available for example by other authors of the same study.

Reference data can also be moved between individual projects using export/import.