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RefWorks guide

Editing and organizing references

Editing a reference

You can edit a reference in RefWorks by clickig a reference you wish to edit and clicking the pencil icon (Edit the selected document) from the upper right corner of the screen.


In Edit view, you can change the information displayed in the reference.

1. For example, you can change the Reference Type: Book to Journal article, if the reference is of an e-article.

2. If the reference is missing something, you can add more fields by selecting Add more fields from the bottom of the screen.

3. When you've finished editing the reference, save the changes by clicking Save.

Editing multiple references at once (Bulk Edit)

You can make changes to multiple references at once with following steps:

1. Select the references you wish to edit

2. Click Tools > Bulk Edit.

3. From the dropdown menu select the field you wish to edit (Add to a selected field). For example, if you wish to add that the references can be found in database, select Source DB.

4. Write in Field: Source DB field the name of the database. You can then select RefWorks to leave / overwrite / append the text, if the selected field already contains some data.

5. You can then choose to make the changes to all of your references, only to the selected references or to every reference in the active folder.

6. Accept the changes by clicking Add data.

Adding references into folders

You can arrange your references in RefWorks into folders and subfolders. One reference can also be added in multiple folders and all the changes made into a reference will be updated across the folders. You can send references into folders in different views such as All References, Last imported, all the different folders in My Folders and Search Results.


Option 1. Copying a reference into a folder/folders

1. Go to the folder where the reference is.

2. Select the reference you wish to copy into a new folder/folders.

3. Click Assign to folder icon and select the folder you wish to copy the references into. Finally, click Apply.


Option 2. Moving a reference into a folder

  • You can also move references with drag & drop. Select the reference you wish to move and keep pressing the mouse button. Keep the mouse button pushed and drag the reference into the destination folder shown in the folder bar on the left side of the screen. Release the mouse button and the reference will be transferred there.
  • Note that in this way the reference only moves to one folder at a time



Removing references from a folder

1. Select the folder from the left menu.

2. Check all the references you wish to remove

3. Click Delete > Remove from folder, if you wish to remove the selected references from the folder they're currently in. Note that Delete option will delete the whole reference from every folder it's in, see next page.

Deleting a references

You can delete references from RefWorks by going to a folder (1.), selecting the references you wish to delete (2.) and by clicking Delete > Delete (3.).

When a reference is deleted, it's transferred to Deleted folder. References will be deleted permanently after 30 days, and you can restore them from the Deleted folder before that. When you restore a reference, it will be restored to it's original folder(s) with all the information.


Restoring a reference

4. Select Deleted folder.

5. Check all the references you wish to restore.

6. Click the Undo button.

References will be restored into their original folder(s).

Duplicate check

To find possible duplicates in references, click Tools > Find duplicates.

After this you can choose to find either Exact Matches, Close Matches or "Legacy" Close Matches.