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RefWorks guide

Adding citations and bibliographies without an utility program

Cite function

If you don't have utility programmes installed on your computer or if you don't want to use MS Word as your text editor, you can add citations and bibliographies with RefWorks' Quick cite function.

Adding a citation

1. Create a citation in RefWorks by clicking Create Bibliography ("tipsy" icon ) > Quick cite.



2. A window will open. Select a style for the citation(s) and click Continue.

3. RefWorks will now show all the citations in the folder. You can select the references you wish to include in the citation by checking the boxes next to the references. The finished citation will show in the upper part of the window.

4. Copy the citation and paste it to the text editor of your choice.

5. You can now close the window or you can continue to bibliography creation by clicking Continue to bibliography.


Editing a citation

You cannot edit a citation in RefWorks' Quick cite window. To edit a citation, you'll have to copy it to a text editor of your choice.

When you have copied the citation to a text editor, like Word, you can edit it like any other text.

Adding a bibliography

1. In RefWorks, go to the folder that has all the references you need.

2. If you wish to include only a part of the references in the bibliography, select the references you want by checking the boxes next to the references. If you wish to include every reference, do not make any selections.

3. From the top menu, click Create Bibliography ("tipsy" icon ) > Create bibliography.

4. A new window will open and the bibliography will be created. If you had selected only a part of the references, you can still change the bibliography to include every reference from the folder by clicking 'All references in (kansio)' from the top of the window.

5. Copy the bibliography by clicking Copy to Clipboard and paste it to a text editor of your choice.



Note that a bibliography created this way doesn't update automatically. If you later add any citations to your text, you'll have to create a new bibliography to include the later additions!