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RefWorks guide

Sharing folders and references

Share function

You can share the folder with your references with other users in three different ways.

1. By clicking Share from the top menu.

2. By clicking Sharing > Share a folder from the left menu.

3. By clicking active the folder you want to share and then clicking the three-point icon and further Share folder.



You will then have the option to either give the folder a public URL (Create Public URL) and share the address to the people you want, or name the users you give access to the folder (Invite more people to share). In addition, you can still specify on a per-user basis whether you give only reading permission (Can read), comment right (Can annotate), or full editing privilege (Can modify) to a shared folder.



If you have more projects going on and if you are supposed to share pointers with other researchers, it may be more appropriate to share the entire project instead of folders or individual references (see Projects).

Help video - Sharing folders and references